Stephanie has a reputation for excellence in both informatics and education in the area of clinical informatics. Her leadership abilities were clearly evident in all aspects of her performance. She undertook multiple initiatives to significantly enhance the informatics system we currently had in place as well as the skills of the clinical staff in their ability to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of that system.  She successfully mentored even the most inexperienced users to that of a higher skill and increased confidence, evidenced by the outcomes achieved by the informatics teams she led, both at the local hospital level and that of the corporate level. …her competence, knowledge and integrity are exemplary. Stephanie is an innovative self-starter, who demonstrates a passion and commitment to the advancement of clinical informatics and the role that it plays in the successful transmission of vital clinical information throughout the hospital and to the multidisciplinary providers seeking that information. She exceeds expectations and consistently meets the goals and challenges associated with her leadership role …fortunately, Stephanie’s amalgamation of administrative and organizational skills comes "packaged" in a bright, sincere and caring human being. She is sensitive, flexible, respected and admired by peers, subordinates and superiors alike.

This PM Rocks!

First of all, I don’t think I have told you how valuable your input has been and how much I appreciate you coming into such a difficult project so late! You did an amazing job! Secondly, I thank you for even considering extending your contract with us to help us finish this work. I am amazed you didn’t throw in the towel and say you had enough!

…thanks for everything you are doing to keep this project on track. I know there are frustrations…but, you are handing well

…thanks for being so helpful in this transition. You’re the best!